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Talk to an Advisor

Your university will have a center with advisors to help you make decisions and answer all your questions.

Contact them in person, by phone, or by e-mail to make an appointment. After you have met with your advisor in person, future meetings and follow-up questions can usually be handled by e-mail.

Advisors will answer your questions and assist you with:

  • Admissions
  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • Transfer coursework
  • Joint admissions program

Remember to bring a handout like this one to cover everything you need to talk about.

Core Curriculum: The Basics

The State of Texas helps make it easier to transfer. If you complete all your core curriculum classes at a community college, this core curriculum will substitute for the core curriculum at any public college, university and health science center in Texas. That means you don’t have to take it twice! Talk with your advisor on which classes to take now while you can!


The “Tuning Texas” project, led by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, can help you transfer from the community college to the university. “Tuning” is faculty-led process that is designed to create a shared understanding of the subject-specific knowledge and transferable skills that you must demonstrate upon completion of a degree program.

The “Fine-Tuning” (or course alignment) process involves identifying a set of first and second year classes for a given discipline area, up to the level of a certificate or an associate’s degree. By agreeing on what you need to know, community colleges and universities develop voluntary transfer compacts and articulation agreements to help you take the right courses and learn the information you need for university classes.

Subject areas for the tuning project have been selected based on job outlook and high demand in Texas. To plan your four year degree in one of these areas click here.

Contact a University Advisor

Once you are ready to contact an advisor, go here to find links to the universities advising or transfering centers.