Nuraj Maskey: Education From Around The World

Nuraj Maskey: Education From Around The World

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal and completing high school in Singapore, Nuraj Maskey has traveled the world in search of a better education.  With many miles behind him, Maskey continued his education at North Lake College in Dallas, Texas and Texas A&M University-Commerce.  He is a student rich in global culture, an enthusiast for outdoor sports, and a lover of technology.

“I have always been determined to learn as much as I can,” Maskey said.  This determination prompted him to complete his Associate of Science Transfer degree from North Lake College of the Dallas Community College System in 2009.

“The community college offered friendly instructors, smaller classes, and a flexible class schedule,” he said.  “I was impressed that my credit hours held the same level of recognition as university classes and could be easily transferred.”

To further his studies, Nuraj transferred to Texas A&M University-Commerce.  In fact, he received the University Transfer Scholarship in recognition of his high grade point average at North Lake College. “The affordable classes and scholarship helped me to save funds for higher education at the university level,” he said.

While at Texas A&M University-Commerce, Maskey continued his pursuit for quality education, extracurricular activities, and a career in technology.  He brought to the campus his culture and love for sports.  Nuraj founded the Nepalese Student Association and led his soccer team to become Intramural Champion of 2011.  Nuraj went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in computer science.

North Lake College provided core classes such as speech, philosophy, and government to help Nuraj prepare for the real world.  TAMU-Commerce furthered his fascination with computers and technology.  Both contributed to Nuraj’s pursuit for an education from around the world.

“I didn’t know anything about computers before I came to A&M-Commerce,” Nuraj said. “Within a year I learned how to program in various computer languages.”

Currently, he is an applications developer specializing in programming and software development for a leading U.S. company. “Technology makes human life easy. It is the complex science behind technology that fascinates me so much that I want to learn more,” he said.