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Talk to an Advisor

When meeting with your International Student Advisor, you may want to inquire about the following:

    • International Student Clubs or Organizations:  Universities are home to many ethnically, academically, and socially diverse student organizations available to enhance the student experience.  Be sure to get a list of all clubs in order to get active on campus and connect with your fellow peers.


    • International Student Scholarships:  There may be some academic-based scholarships available.  Check with your advisor to determine if you are eligible for any.


    • Letter Request for Good Standing, Renewal of VISA, or Tuition Expense:  Throughout the transfer process and even during your university life, you may need to request letters to demonstrate good academic standing or to grant a renewal of your visa based upon current enrollment.  Learn more about the process to request this letter and who you should contact.


    • Texas Success Initiative (TSI):  Since the state of Texas requires all students to demonstrate college readiness, you may be required to meet TSI requirements.  Your advisor will let you know if this is required.


    • Degree Plan:  Many students on F-1 status will need to file an official degree plan.  If you’re not too sure about your major or classes, get with your advisor to develop a degree plan to ensure you are on track for graduation.


  • Working on Campus:  It may be possible for you to gain employment on campus.  Check with your advisor about the university’s policies for international student employment.


Core Curriculum:  The Basics

The State of Texas helps make it easier to transfer. If you complete all your core curriculum classes at a community college, this core curriculum will substitute for the core curriculum at any public college, university and health science center in Texas. That means you don’t have to take it twice! Talk with your advisor on which classes to take now while you can!

Ready to talk to an International Advisor?

Once you’re ready to speak to an international advisor, contact the College or University of choice to find your representative.