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Your Next Step Starts Here

So, you want to transfer? How do you do it? Transferring to a four-year school is a great idea if you want to gain more education to help you achieve your career goals — but you must be prepared. Learn why the first step you take may be the most important.


As an international student, there are many forms and documents you must maintain. To ensure a smooth and seamless transition from community college to university, get organized by gathering all documents and official copies required to transfer. Start here with a list of all documents you may need.


Be sure to meet with an advisor at both your current community college and future university to ensure your transfer process is successful. Specifically, for international students, it is important to meet with an International Student Advisor. Learn more about how advisors can help you determine your route and make informed decisions about your classes.


It’s the last step, and getting ready to transfer is as easy as 1, 2, and 3! Are you ready to achieve your educational and career goals? Be sure to get the last-minute tools you’ll need before you apply.