David Fink Transfers with Military Precision

David Fink Transfers with Military Precision

“It was almost three years from my last high school class until my first college class,” explains David Fink, who joined the U.S. Air Force right after high school. But he decided to pursue his education because his colleagues in the reserves “showed me that getting a college education was a prerequisite for many of the things I wanted in life.”

Fink started his college career at San Antonio College, while still in the military, but said he wanted a change of pace. Both his sister and a friend recommended Texas State University because of the beautiful scenery and the students and faculty.  Fink decided to follow in their footsteps.

“The Texas State rep at the San Antonio College campus was extremely helpful and made all the paperwork seamless,” he says. “The website was so user-friendly that I was able to go online and set up my e-mail and other student accounts before orientation, giving me more time to meet with my advisor.”

His experience in the reserves means that he still occasionally gets called up for active duty. “Being that I am a veteran and still active in the Air Force Reserves, I face a few more challenges than traditional students,” he says. “Last semester, I was called up for two weeks of military service right at the beginning of the semester. I was amazed with how willing my professors were to accommodate me, instead of having to withdraw.”

Fink says he’d recommend transfer students “be proactive in working with advisors and faculty during the entire transfer process — all you have to do is ask.”