Athina Saides: Finding a great place to grow

Athina Saides: Finding a great place to grow

Athina Saides, a University of North Texas student, says attending Collin County Community College before transferring to a four-year university was, for her, like learning to ride a bike using training wheels.

“Collin County gave me the initial confidence, knowledge and skills that I needed to grow as a student at UNT,” she says. “I needed that base before being able to specialize and refine myself in my chosen career path.”

Saides said she transferred to UNT for three reasons –the quality of UNT’s psychology and education programs, the feeling of community, and the beauty she found on campus.

“When I visited UNT I felt at home,” she says.” I knew it was a place I could plant my feet and grow. When I learned the counseling graduate program was ranked No. 1 in the state, that sealed the deal.”

After transferring her course work from Collin County, Saides earned a bachelor-of-arts degree from UNT in 2009, and plans to graduate with a second bachelor’s degree in development and family studies in August, 2010.

She says the decision to transfer to UNT was definitely the right decision for her.

“UNT provided me with an incredible array of support and services that have allowed me to succeed, such as amazing scholarship opportunities,” she says. “The students are diverse, and being a Greek-Australian student who loves to travel, my needs for a rich cultural environment were fulfilled. The students at UNT have made my college experience a great one.”