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So, you want to transfer? How do you do it? Transferring to a four year college is a great idea if you want to gain more education to help you achieve your career goals — but you have to be prepared. Learn why the first step you take may be the most important.

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We can’t stress this too much: you should meet with your advisor every semester to ensure you’re on track for your goal. Advisors are available to answer your questions and help you determine the best path to complete your associate and bachelor degrees and beyond. Contact them early in your college career to check your options, Learn more about how advisors can help you determine your route and make informed decisions about your classes.

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There are many forms of financial assistance available, including scholarships (university, transfer, major, etc.), grants, loans and GI Bill. You may qualify for more than one. Plus, there are other ways to save on costs while getting your education. Explore the financial assistance options available to you.

What is sildenafil

It’s the last step, and getting ready to transfer is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Are you ready? Congratulations! Be sure to get the last-minute tools you’ll need before you apply.