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How will it affect our family?

What can a degree do for the family?

Well, by offering more education in a chosen profession, it offers more income and an expanded career pathway for life. Having a degree can open doors for new jobs and more promotions!

What kind of work will need to be done and how much time does it take each week?  A full time student is expected to take 15 credits per semester (typically a 4 month period), which is estimated to be around 45 hours of work a week!

This combines class time (either in a classroom or on a computer if the student is a distance learner) and homework time, so it is very important to set aside time specifically for school work.  However remember that many classes are offered at multiple times, including evenings and weekends, to help allow for other obligations like work or family time.


Typical questions and concerns for family members:

These are great questions to ask the college or university advisor:

How will my student organize time for the class?
How much money will they need?
If they are going to a campus, will they need to drive a car?
What if they become ill?
How do I know they will be safe on campus?
Can I visit them on campus?

(for parents going back to school)
Who will take care of my young children?
How can I take classes around a work schedule?
How can I afford it?
Will I feel out of place being older than the rest of the students?


How can I pay for this?

This is one of the most common questions for a family!  Try to attend a free financial aid workshop held at your local community college or university in the area.  Be proactive and learn all you can about the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).