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There are many factors to consider when choosing a four year college in Texas. Do you want to attend a private or public college? Do you prefer a large or small campus? Ask yourself:

  • What are my goals and interests? Do I know what I want to major in?
  • Does the college I’m considering offer a good program in my major? Does it offer me career counseling if I don’t yet know what field to study?
  • What is the reputation of the college I’m considering? How will that affect my career goals?
  • How does the university I want to attend handle international transfer students and does it offer them financial aid? Will I have to retake courses when I transfer?
  • Do I want to live on campus? Do I want to join a sorority or fraternity, participate in athletics or learn to be a leader?

To help narrow down your choices, you might want to use look below, or print a comparison chart to  fill out!

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Financial Aid:


Advising & Orientation




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Each course you take at community college falls into one of three categories: transferable, articulated, or neither (often called non-transferable). A transferable course will be accepted and go as a credit towards your degree, at least as an elective — it may or may not count as a general requirement. Articulated credits may be used for both major and general education requirements. To find out for sure what your credits are doing for you, make sure you talk to an advisor.

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The colleges and universities in the State of Texas established a common numbering system for the first two years coursework in community colleges and universities. The common course numbering system and state equivalency table provides you with information on freshman and sophomore level coursework at both community colleges and universities. See the how courses you are taking at the community college are listed at the university.

CollegeTransfer.net offers an opportunity to determine how courses that you have already taken might transfer into credits at other institutions.

Make sure to check the university’s transfer website! Many now have customized course equivalency tools that will help you determine what courses will transfer.

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