Chris Baylor: Focus on Purpose

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With a decade-long career in the United States Navy and another 10 years in information technology completed, Chris Baylor has now set his sights on accomplishing something even greater – focusing on his purpose.  Photography started out as an experience in high school and just an elective at Collin College, but eventually became a full time business that prompted a love for education.  As a father of three and husband, Chris Baylor’s focus on purpose is an example for future students that education can bring life back full circle.

Once Chris picked up the camera again after completing his successful military career, he knew he had to learn more about photography in order to relate to his clients and subjects more.  While at Collin College in Plano, Texas, Chris worked with the professors to learn of the history and psychology of photography.

“I had some great professors that took time outside of studio and class to give me the tools and resources to be successful,” Baylor said.  “They saw my potential and talent and are part of the people that continue to shape the person that I am still becoming.”

His professors at Collin College, many of whom were Texas A&M University-Commerce alumni, encouraged him to continue his study of photography.   After hearing great things about the university, Chris decided to work with the Veterans Affairs and Admissions department to transfer his core curriculum classes.

“My experience at Collin was well spent and hard earned,” Chris said.  “It prepared me for success at Texas A&M University-Commerce.”

His educational journey continues as he completes his Bachelor of Science degree in Photography.  While at TAMU-Commerce, Chris serves as the athletic photographer covering all sporting events for the university.  In addition, his photography has garnered acclaim.  Chris secured his first national magazine assignment with shooting the cover and editorial imagery set.  He also provided images for the Formula One World Championship Round 19 and the Inaugural United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas.  Some of Baylor’s images were even selected by an international magazine.

As owner of Christopher Baylor Photography, his purpose is to focus on the uniqueness and beauty of the people, places, and things that he captures.  “I have found what I was meant to do and the fact that I will have a degree in the field that I have chosen to dedicate my heart and energy into is so undeniable,” Baylor said.

Reflecting back on his life, Chris realizes he had many career paths but the one that finally chose him was photography.  “Funny thing about choosing a career path is that sometimes you pick what you think you want to do and other times the right path is presented to you and you just have to follow it,” he said.

Is it not funny that education can bring life back full circle when students seek to focus on purpose?