Brittany Green: The On-Campus Experience

Brittany Green: The On-Campus Experience

After receiving her associate’s degree from Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas, Brittany Green transferred to Stephen F. Austin State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in dance.

“I felt after getting an associate’s degree, I had to go on. It just seemed natural to keep going to school,” Brittany says.

Being familiar with class registration and other administrative requirements helped make the transition easier for Brittany. The hardest part, however, was getting involved in campus organizations and meeting people. “It was difficult to meet people at orientation, especially since at the time, transfer students weren’t allowed to go to Jack Camp with the freshmen,” she says. “But now they have changed that rule to help include transfer students.”

Brittany advises other transfer students to try living on campus because it is another way to meet people and to get involved. “Even though you may have enough hours to move off campus, living on campus for at least a semester will help you meet more students, especially ones that you don’t have class with.”

Brittany graduated in December 2009 and is now an admissions counselor at SFA. “I feel like I made the right decision to transfer,” she says.