Success By Degrees

Success By Degrees

Stories from students who transferred
& completed their degrees!

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Making the jump from a Texas community college to a four-year university is easier than you think. Whether you’re a high-school student or currently attending a community college, this portal provides a wealth of resources that will walk you through the process step-by-step to transfer to another college or university.

Get tips to assist you in finding the right Texas University, seek out financial assistance, talk to a university advisor and more! Since every students situation is unique, Transfer 101 provides a variety of information for different student populations, including international students and members of the military community. Check it out!

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Reverse Transfer

Reverse transfer is a program specifically designed to allow students who transfer to a four-year university prior to earning an associate degree to be awarded that credential while pursuing the baccalaureate.

Transfer students with an associate degree are much more likely to persist to a bachelor’s degree. Read More

Flexible Degree Completion Programs

Grad TX is a program in Texas that encourages adults to return to college and finish their bachelor’s degrees. The participating universities are Texas universities with established reputations for high quality education and student service.

Finish@UT is a consortium of universities within The University of Texas System that offer a fully online, bachelor’s degree completion program.